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Onboard Diagnostic System

Onboard Diagnostic System, also known as OBD, is a computerized system that monitors the vehicle’s emission controls. This system includes self-diagnostic and reporting functions. They are a part of standard equipment on all cars in last 20 years.

Car drivers will only notice it when a ‘Check engine’ light goes on. That doesn’t tell much, as it needs a professional equipment to extract the OBD data, and knowledge to interpret that data. At E&W Auto Repair, we have both. Our diligent auto mechanics will dig deep into all of your car systems until they are sure to pinpoint the source of the problem and the best possible solution. This makes us the best solution for onboard diagnostic system repairs in Concord area.

Here are a several reasons why E&W Auto Repair should be yours first choice for car maintenance and repairs:
● Our auto mechanics have decades of experience on all makes and models
● We use modern diagnostic equipment and specialized tools
● E&W Auto provides fast, honest and fair-priced service for your car or truck

Don’t ignore that ‘Check engine’ light, give us a call or stop by our E&W Auto Repair shop at 60 Chichester Road in Loudon. Our qualified auto mechanics will investigate into the problem and get your car up to its best in no time.

A tip from a Pro:

Flashing ‘Check engine’ light indicates a misfire. This has devastating effect on your engine and catalytic converter. You should ease of the accelerator, as this usually helps. Never drive your car hard when your ‘Check engine’ light’ is flashing.

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