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Alternator Replacement

An alternator is one of the key components in your car. It provides electricity for all the electrical systems and charges up the battery. So it is important that your alternator is in a good shape. If your car has a ‘red battery’ light on, or experiencing electrical issues, you might have a bad alternator. This might leave you with a flat battery or damaged electronic systems.

To be on the safe side, you should have your alternator checked by a professional. If you are in a Concord area, visit E&W Auto Repair. Our qualified auto mechanics have the both tools and knowledge to quickly establish if your alternator is operating properly.

Here are a several reasons why E&W Auto Repair should be yours first choice for car maintenance and repairs:
● Our auto mechanics have decades of experience on all makes and models
● We use modern diagnostic equipment and specialized tools
● E&W Auto provides fast, honest and fair-priced service for your car or truck

When your alternator is playing up, give us a call or stop by our E&W Auto Repair shop at 60 Chichester Road in Loudon. Our qualified auto mechanics will investigate into the problem and get your car up to its best in no time.

A tip from a Pro:

If you suspect that your alternator is not working properly, turn off all unnecessary electrical consumers. This will give you a bit more time, so you can reach E&W Auto Repair.

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