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Auto Batteries

A car battery has one main purpose – to provide enough electricity to start your car. It needs to be in a top shape, otherwise your car might refuse to start. And this tends to happen in times when you need your car the most. Car battery usually lasts for 5 years, but hard winters like we have in New Hampshire can shorten it. Although the battery seems like a straightforward job, there is more to it. Parasitic drains or bad battery connectors can cause problems even when a new battery. The smartest thing to do is visiting E&W Auto Repair for battery check-up. Our experienced auto mechanics have a trained eye for spotting any battery related issues.

Here are a several reasons why E&W Auto Repair should be yours first choice for car maintenance and repairs:
● Our auto mechanics have decades of experience on all makes and models
● We use modern diagnostic equipment and specialized tools
● E&W Auto provides fast, honest and fair-priced service for your car or truck

To make sure your battery is up juiced up, give us a call or stop by our E&W Auto Repair shop at 60 Chichester Road in Loudon. Our qualified auto mechanics will investigate into the problem and get your car up to its best in no time.

A tip from a Pro:

If you are not going to use your car for a longer period, a battery tender should be hooked up to your car. This way the battery will stay charged, and the electrical systems within the car will not lose their settings.

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