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Diesel Engine Work

Diesel engines have evolved dramatically during the last decades. Truck-like engines are thing of the past. Modern diesel engines are sophisticated and precise pieces of engineering. However, this means that the maintenance should be performed by highly skilled personnel.

At E&W Auto Repair, we have experience, knowledge and special equipment for keeping your diesel powered car in its best shape. Whether you have a problem with your common rail pump, high-pressure diesel injectors or AdBlue system, our qualified diesel mechanics will know how to fix it.

Here are several reasons why E&W Auto Repair should be your first choice for car maintenance and repairs:
● Our auto mechanics have decades of experience on all makes and models
● We use modern diagnostic equipment and specialized tools
● E&W Auto provides a fast, honest and fair-priced service for your car or truck

If you feel that you trusty and economical diesel needs a tune-up, give us a call or stop by our E&W Auto Repair shop at 60 Chichester Road in Loudon. Our qualified auto mechanics will investigate the problem and get your car up to its best in no time.

A tip from a Pro:

When temperatures drop way below freezing, diesel fuel in your tank may gel up. Your engine won’t be able to start if this happens. To prevent this, add extreme cold weather additives in your diesel tank.

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